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Wedding between Rafael Nadal and Maria Francisca was perfect

On Sunday Rafael Nadal's family left the hotel in Sa Fortalesa after the wedding between the 19-time Grand Slam winner and his longtime girlfriend Maria Francisca Perello.

Nadal's father Sebastian said: "Everything went very well, all perfect."

Nadal's mother did not release sayings as she quickly went to the car but she thanked for all the interest that media gave to her.

"We did not struggle in convincing Nadal to make him being in the Davis Cup, he loves playing Davis Cup, playing in a team and with Spain.

He was always very available and when he did not play is because he was injured."

On Gerard Pique, Bruguera concluded: "I have no personal relationship with him. We once coincided in a charity padel tournament, but it's the only time I spoke with him."

The FC Sevilla coach Julien Lopetegui was forced to decline Rafael Nadal's invite to attend his wedding as Sevilla was playing an important match against Levante on that day.

Meanwhile Alexander Zverev spoke about the expectations he receives from Germany.

The German said: "Germany had players like Tommy Haas, Nicolas Kiefer, Rainer Schüttler, who were all on the top 5 - and however they always waited for a new Boris Becker or a new Steffi Graf.

And there was also Michael Stich.

German tennis grew a lot with Angie Kerber and I hope it can keep growing. When we win tournaments, the whole country knows it. So there are positive aspects."

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