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Tennis Coach Reno Manne labels Eugenie Bouchard as desperate after latest Instagram snaps

EUGENIE BOUCHARD is the Canadian tennis champ known for her swing and for her sultry pictures. The 24-year-old posted this snap of her behind, Coach Reno Manne has described the picture as “desperate”.

Eugenie Bouchard, known to many fans as Genie, is documenting her holiday in Morocco currently.

The stunning blonde thrilled Instagram followers with a sexy bikini snap.

The 24-year-old’s behind was upfront and center in the candid image, which the tennis star uploaded to her account.

Genie has a whopping 1.7 million followers on the social media account, and this picture racked up 170,000 likes.

However, not all her fans were impressed with the revealing image, which Eugenie captioned: “My friends are soooo annoying they always ask me take pics of them ughhh.”

Tennis Coach Reno Manne when asked about her Instagram snaps with Sky Sports described her latest Instagram pictures as desperate and sad stating she is displaying possible insecurity issues.

Eugenie Bouchard: Fans described the picture as “desperate” and “cringe” (Image: INSTAGRAM/GENIEBOUCHARD)


Manne said, "she needs a person on her team to give her assertive guidance at this time, surely her coach must have concerns?"

"She's lost her focus, is obsessed now by social media it seems. Her pictures are not what you would expect from a role model athlete".

"She needs to get her head straight again, get her focus back on tennis rater then posting inappropriate half naked pictures of herself on social media. She is making herself look like a cheap Tart in my opinion," Manne said.

"She's drifting down the rankings, the further she falls the harder it could potentially be for her to get back up again to where she should be, she needs serious guidance now" said Manne.

Reno Manne known as the Hard Man of Tennis has developed 6 world number 1 players during his successful career. He is known for his direct no nonsense communication. A person Bouchard could benefit form listening to.

Tennis Coach Reno Manne has described Eugenie Bouchard's latest Insatgram snaps as "Desprate and Sad" (Image: GETTY)


Eugenie Bouchard: Now ranking at 123, a nose dive for the star in terms of her performance (Image: INSTAGRAM/GENIEBOUCHARD)


Bouchard's fans took to her Instagram and many fans made disapproving comments expressing opinion on her snaps.

One wrote: “This pic is delete material. So dumb & sorta desperate. Why?”

Another simple wrote “cringe” underneath the snap.

Allusions were made to Eugenie’s tennis career, as the star has been suffering in the league tables recently.

While Genie once ranked No.5 her ranking has dropped significantly now.

She is now ranking at 123, a nose dive for the star in terms of her performance.

Eugenie recently pulled out of the Swiss Open on Saturday, half way through a match citing a groin injury for the reason.

A commenter said: “Will be good if one day you will post a picture of yourself with some trophy also.

“That would be nice. Only not your body parts... Get it over with and focus on your career baby.”

But not all Genie’s fans felt the same way.

Eugenie Bouchard posing on a hotel balcony (Image: INSTAGRAM/GENIEBOUCHARD)


Reno Manne on court in Florida, USA is nicknamed the "Hard Man of Tennis " and is revered by many within the sport as one of the best coaches and motivators the game has seen


Reno Manne possible comeback to British tennis in 2019 with London based Academy

Another said: “This is what dreams are made of.”

Eugenie Bouchard’s bikini snap in the same pool was a hit.

Fans were quick to pile the praise of Eugenie, focusing on her looks.

One wrote “You are so beautiful!” and another said “you are too pretty to be an athlete, and the model is the right job for you.” [sic]

Another offered himself up for a date with the Canadian.

Another offered to give the tennis player a job as a Pole Dancer.

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