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Retraction of article regarding the Norwegian Tennis Federation: Dated April 30th 2020

After several correspondences from legal sources within the Norwegian Tennis Federation, we at Tennis ChitChat have been asked to retract the article written in reference to them dated April 30th, 2020.

We try to and we want to remain ethical within the boundaries of accepted journalistic etiquette.

We received numerous requests from Norway to do an article about Norwegian tennis, we often do receive requests to write about tennis related topics.

We made a decision to write this article based on sources and information given to us. We were under the impression that our information was correct on several counts.

Some of that information at this time cannot be verified after further review. Therefore, it is only appropriate that we issue an apology to the Norwegian Federation and persons involved within their organisation.

We retract our statements in that article.

We hold no invested interests in Norwegian tennis, nor do we have relationships or affiliations with any of the sources from Norway that provided information for that article written.

We have no motive, nor do we hold objection to any activities or financially related matters regarding the Norwegian Tennis Federation. We retract our written information or descriptions on any behaviour related matters regarding NTF personnel.

We sincerely apologise to all Norwegian Tennis Federation personnel for any wrongdoing and or false information written.

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