“This version of me wasn’t built overnight” – Nick Kyrgios

The professional tour came to a halt in March due to the outbreak of coronavirus all around the world.

Subsequently, the players have more time in their hands than ever.

Nick Kyrgios is also using this time to take a look back at the hardest times in his life and how he reached where he is right now.

Kyrgios is renowned as one of the most talented players on the tennis tour. He is one of the few players to defeat Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic in their first meetings.

While he has not won any Grand Slam titles till now, he has enjoyed solid success throughout his career.

Kyrgios has on court temperament issues he is working on


However, there always is a dark side to the moon. Similarly, Kyrgios’ success did not come without any suffering.

The Australian star explained that this version of him was not “built overnight”. He went beyond his boundaries and revealed about his tough times on social media.

“This version of me wasn’t built overnight. This is experience, this is pain, this is insecurities, this is abuse, this is depression. I had to go through things to get to the level I’m at now,” Kyrgios wrote on Instagram.

Nick is famous for his on-court tantrums and is known as ‘tennis’ bad boy’. However, he has already shown the softer side of him this year.

He stepped up for his country during the Australian bushfire in January.

Nick made several donations for the vulnerable families in Australia. Moreover, he is also helping the families affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

When it comes to tennis, many believe that Kyrgios has wasted his talent for years.

However, he still can dominate any top tier opponent at his will. Kyrgios will be eager to resume the tour after the coronavirus subsides and prove that the best may well be yet to come.

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