Carlos Moya: 'I took care of Rafael Nadal when nobody knew him on Tour'

In an interview Carlos Moya recalled how his friendship with Rafael Nadal has started.

The former world No. 1 said: "I took care of him on Tour when nobody still knew him. I may have helped him to become a better player.

But he also helped me because he was hungry and forced me to give my best in every training session.

I was 24 years old back then and you do not want to lose to a kid." But Moya always beat Nadal playing PlayStation:

"Although we have not been playing it for a long time..." Asked why he still competes on the Champions Tour, Moya replied: "I want to enjoy myself and I love the adrenaline.

If I am in the third set in the Champions Tie-Break and I play for the title, it's a good feeling.

Well, it's not like French Open or Wimbledon, but it's still a competition. And I give my best." On how it felt to play against a legend like the eight-time Major winner Ivan Lendl for the first time, Moya added: "Big.

One of my biggest childhood experiences was to see him on TV. He still plays smart like he did once. Okay.

He gained some kilos but his game style changed. I also played against Stefan Edberg in the Zurich tournament. He was my childhood idol.

I once played against him in 1996 French Open. It was my first year on Tour and for him it was the last. He beat me in a big way."

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