Roger Federer is genuine, cares about others - Former agent

In an interview to TWUSA, Andre Silva recalled his journey as Roger Federer's co-agent.

For several years Silva, who now runs the Cincinnati Open, travelled with the Swiss 25 percent of the time around the world in men's tournaments that the Basel native played in.

Silva expected Federer to be an easy-going person. "I knew Roger from my time at the ATP. I always had a great relationship with him.

The expectations were already met during my co-operation at the ATP. I knew how he was. Roger, Tony, are very good people and teammates.

They work in a great way", he said. Silva also spoke about Federer's wife Mirka on 20-time Grand Slam winners success:

"Roger and Mirka have done this together. I admire on the way they go about. I worked with her on the ATP too.

Her impact on Roger is very positive. First-class and great people to work with. Roger is so genuine, he cares about the others.

He is always very nice to be around with the team because he cares about them. That's not a surprise.

It's a nice feeling to know you have the support from him." On Novak Djokovic's last year win after losing five finals in Cincinnati, Silva concluded:

"It was an amazing story, somebody to achieve the Career Masters 1000, that's an incredible feat.

I do not know how to describe it. They play throughout the year in different conditions. Every player has their own time when they peak.

When you win all nine, it's stunning. I know he was extremely happy, you could see how much it meant to him. And the same for us. This year he definitely wants to win again here."

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