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Fernandez: 'Nadal will play for four more years. While Roger Federer..'

In an interview to Tennis World USA the Los Cabos Open Tournament Director Jose Antonio Fernandez commented on how many years Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal have left in tennis.

"Nadal may be around for three or four years, while Roger it's one or two.

I change my opinion every single year because they are from Mars. Hopefully we have them for many years to come."

On the struggles in getting top players in Los Cabos, Fernandez added: "Many players want to take a rest during that time of the year because the following week it's Toronto, then Cincinnati and US Open.

It's a tough month so they have to manage their schedule. We have a good relationship with him."

Next year Olympic Games will take place. How does that influence Los Cabos? "On the first year of the tournament, we had Olympics and we still did well.

Next year we will be in the same week as Gstaad.

At the Olympics there are no rankings points at stake, so someone may prefer Los Cabos." Grigor Dimitrov is one of the stars who will compete in Los Cabos.

Asked how the comparisons with Roger Federer influenced the Bulgarian in the past, Fernandez concluded: "I really do not know.

Grigor is a very good player and he showed that two years ago when he was No. 3 in the world.

He won the ATP Finals, Cincinnati. Their gamestyles is very similar on the forehand and backhand sides. He is a really good guy. Hopefully he will be back at a high level."

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