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Roger Federer: Tennis was rock and roll, now it's very professional

Roger Federer commented on how he enjoys speaking with legends of the past. The Swiss player said: "I love to speak to them because they have incredible stories to tell, they lived a different life than what we lived now.

It was more rock and roll let's be honest, today it's become very professional but we still have a good time, but it's very similar to some extent.

We can still be rivals yet we can get along well and I think me and Rafael Nadal showed that like maybe John McEnroe and Bjorn Borg as well." Federer fought and worked hard to get to the top of the game.

In an interview, the Swiss player said: "Reaching for your dreams was always something I tried to do, I wanted to be world no.1.

Grand Slams, whatever it is in life, believe you can achieve the impossible. 2009 was a very special year. I had just won the French Open for the first time, and I was going into Wimbledon trying to break Sampras' record.

I made it to the finals. It's just the epic match. Everybody was there. A lot of legends. Bjorn Borg was sitting there. Rod Laver was there as well and it was just nice to see the love from the tennis family which to me is really important.

When I was finally able to lift the trophy again, it was a beautiful feeling." He also commented on his partnership with Rolex: "I am very proud to be associated with Rolex, it's in a way a dream came true.

It's nice working closely with them, being such a good friend, almost a family, really together and it's nice to be linked to a Swiss brand that is so International and does things in such a great way in terms of quality.

I think it's wonderful how they have so many ambassadors from so many different countries, they have so many different sports, they support such as equestrian or sailing, golf, tennis, and I try to enhance the brand as well with what I can give from the sporting side.

When you go to the headquarters and you see the watchmakers working extremely precise, everything they touch and do is through perfection and making the brand the best in the world.

Such things drive you as well to excellency, so I have been inspired by Rolex for sure."

On his post-career plans, Nadal added: "I'd like to spend time with my family and friends, I like playing golf and football. I am passionate about the sea, I would live at the sea if I could, I am also from an island and I have the chance to usually go to the sea.

We opened the Rafa Nadal Academy in Mallorca, things are working and kids who are there are happy, we are working in a right way to shape up younger players both tennis-wise and in terms of education too."

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