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When Roger Federer made a funny joke to Maria Sharapova

In an interview to Fanatik, Alexandra Dulgheru revealed a very funny thing happened during her match with Maria Sharapova at the 2011 Miami Open.

The match was happening before Roger Federer would head into the court. The two women played a three-hour clash, with the Russian prevailing 4-6 (3-6), 7-6, 7-6.

"We played between Rafael Nadal and Federer", said Dulgheru. "Nadal ended and we followed. The day after, Federer's opponent, I do not know who he was, congratulated me on how I played.

And he told me: 'Federer was warming up in the locker room, playing cards, watching your match"

And at some point in the final set Sharapova made a little break, she stopped the match, called the physiotherapist twice or thrice. I was used to it.

Then I called my coach. I was like, C'mon, let's talk, and the physiotherapist was around ten minutes late, which was strange.

Just because he took some minutes to get to the stadium.

" While they were waiting for the physio, an announcement came. "Roger was calm, he was playing with cards and when Maria called the physio again, he, Federer, took a microphone and said: "The physio is not available.

Maria cannot get any help from a physio in the match" He, the physio, was late. Then there was the panic on the WTA, Roger was playing with them. He is so funny.

We thought the Tournament Director had made the announcement. After ten minutes, we heard: 'I was just joking, I am Roger!"

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