Roger Federer makes DAMNING tennis admission ahead of Miami Open clash

ROGER FEDERER has admitted that innovation is not tennis' 'forte’ as the sporting legend prepares for his round of 64 clash in Miami.

Roger Federer latest assessment of tennis will leave bosses with much to ponder as the 2019 season hits full-flow.

The Swiss veteran has spoken out about the lack of new ideas in the sport, and urged organisers to see change as a positive.

The 37-year-old is currently in preparations to face Radu Albot in the round of 64 at the Miami Open, and he emotionally praised the brand new Hard Rock Stadium.

“I don’t want to say in a negative way that we are stuck in our ways sometimes, but innovation is not our forte in our sport.

“Standing here in this stadium right now [Hard Rock Stadium] you can really see the magnitude of what kind of an area this is.

“I think it’s a big, massive moment in our sport to be quite honest.”

Federer made his first professional appearance at the Miami Open in 1999, but visited several times as a youth player, meaning the tournament holds a special place in his memory.

Roger Federer is aware that tennis is not at the forefront of sporting innovation (Image: GETTY )


Roger Federer lost in the final at Indian Wells last week (Image: GETTY )


“Key Biscayne has been a really special place for the tennis tour to stop by and Miami was one of my first trips as a junior back in the under 14s," Federer added.

“I’ve been coming here on and off for the past 25 years, so to be here now is very special and it moves me a lot to be in such a massive stadium.”

Key Biscayne was the venue for the Miami Open from 1985 until 2018 but Crandon Park Tennis Center was seen as outdated by organisers - with Federer expressing mixed emotions over the change.

“I understand the reasons behind the move,” he added.

Roger Federer is hoping to continue his French Open preparations with a tournament victory (Image: GETTY )


Roger Federer's Miami Open 2019 campaign starts on Saturday (Image: GETTY )


“In some ways it’s mixed feelings because I’m sad for Key Biscayne I know how much the players and the fans loved that place but it couldn’t grow.

“It’s hosted all the best players over the last decades there and I think fans and players all enjoyed the drive out to Key Biscayne over the bridge and seeing the nice water.

“But Indian Wells is growing more and more so I understand the pressure that the tournament was under in wanting to be able to grow too."

Federer will take on Albot at around 8pm UK time on Saturday evening.

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