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Novak Djokovic threw Rafael Nadal from right to left in Melbourne -Becker

In a column for The Times of India, the six-time Major winner Boris Beckercommented on the Australian Open final won by Novak Djokovic over Rafael Nadal. It marked the Serbian player's 15th Grand Slam title, and a seventh title in Melbourne.

"There were a lot of expectations given their final in 2012 when they played probably the best Australian Open final of all time over five hours and 53 minutes, and Novak won.

On Sunday, the Serb played on just another level.

We shouldn't forget that he's a seven-time winner here now. Djokovic scripted an unprecedented achievement of becoming the first man to win seven Australian Open titles.

"Now Novak has beaten Rafa eight matches in a row on hard courts and grass.

He lost to Rafa in Rome in the semifinals but that was on clay. So he has the game exactly suited to play against Nadal on these courts.

Rafa started a bit nervous and hesitant, and played a poor first couple of games. Once he gave Novak that lead, it was a long way back.

Novak stayed so close to the baseline, hit that backhand llke l've rarely seen him do before.

I don't think Nadal was allowed to play. He likes longer rallies, he likes to move the opponent around and that's exactly what Novak did to him.

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