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Laver Cup 2018: Why are the courts black? What is the surface? Roger Federer affecte

LAVER CUP 2018 - The unique tournament takes place in Chicago this weekend with one glaring difference to other tennis competitions.

Roger Federer was the brainchild behind the Laver Cup and the event proved a huge success last year.

The event saw 12 of the best tennis players across the globe compete in a Ryder Cup format tournament over three days with Team Europe taking on Team World.

Federer helped lead Team Europe to victory in the inaugural event last year in the final singles match on Sunday in dramatic fashion.

One of the main distinctions from the Laver Cup compared to any other event is the black court and here’s everything you need to know about the surface.

Tennis fans will notice one distinctive difference at the Laver Cup to other tournaments on the calendar with the court being painted black.

The tournament organisers wanted to try and create a unique tournament, different to any other on the ATP Tour.

Speaking ahead of the inaugural tournament in 2017, director Steve Zacks said: “We worked very hard to deliver the blackest court that’s ever been delivered.

“We made very special paint and we tested it three times under light.

“It’s gonna present beautifully.”

The black court is essentially a hard court with a small difference.

Team Europe are the defending Laver Cup champions (Image: GETTY)


There is a bit of sand mixed in with the paint, meaning the speed of the court will be a bit slower.

That’s a good thing for tennis enthusiasts as it will likely results in longer rallies, something Federer and Djokovic will likely enjoy.

Interestingly, the court at Chicago’s United Center has been placed on top of the ice rink meaning there could be a slightly cold feeling on the floor.

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