'Andy Murray will struggle to return to his best' - Reno Manne

RENO MANNE insists Andy Murray will be haunted by the thought of his hip injury ending his top-level tennis career.

Manne has still warned the Scot’s US Open rivals to write him off at their peril as he prepares to make his long-awaited Grand Slam return.

Manne nicknamed "The Hard Man of Tennis" has coached and developed 6 world number 1 players and can identify with the anguish Murray is going through.

The 49 year-old has coached dozens of top 100 players during his highly successful coaching career. He's seen it all before and knows Murray well.

Murray has played just seven games following surgery in January and hasn’t featured in a Grand Slam since Wimbledon last year but will return against Australian James Duckworth at Flushing Meadows tomorrow.

The iconic coach has already dismissed his chances of repeating his 2012 triumph in New York but Manne believes that could boost his hopes of glory by easing the pressure.

Manne said: “Any athlete, in any sport, wants to at least feel they’re going out on their own terms. You don’t want it to be that you can’t continue your career because of injury.

“Andy’s been out for a full year and that’s a long time to miss. It’s unbelievably difficult to bounce back and be the player you were before and hope to be in the future.

“There’s a lot of emotions and frustration and mentally it takes its toll.

Reno Manne (Image: Reno Manne on court coaching in Florida, USA) Manne has said he can identify with the anguish Murray is going through.


“And physically not knowing if a move is going to cause something that could injure a part of your body that is so essential to movement and to what made Andy Murray great in the first place.

"I've seen players go through what Andy is dealing right now. It's a head and mind game to a certain extent and I don't know if Andy will be able to deal with that aspect of it as well as other players have done.

" I talk to him when he needs advice and hope he keeps believing in himself, that belief will be the one factor that will have him come through the tunnel and see the daylight again."

Manne has coached and mentored both Sampras and Agassi during difficult periods of their careers. He was vital in the resurrection of Andre Agassi's career in the early 90's.


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