Roger Federer: I will play until my wife, children are happy to go on Tour

For Roger Federer, the family has always been very important. The Swiss player can't stay without his four children and wife Mirka for a long time, that's why they are always there during the weeks he just trains, in Dubai or Switzerland, or when he needs to play for several weeks in the competition.

In a recent interview, the world no. 2 explained that his family's happiness plays a crucial factor in how much time he can still compete.

And now that he is almost turning 37, Federer knows there is not much time ahead of him on the ATP circuit.

His perspective since 2016, when he hurt his back and knee and stopped competing for six months, changed, and he has not been playing any clay-court tournament and takes more and more breaks during the year.

'Health has definitely a role to play in my decision-making,' Federer admitted.

'Then, of course, it’s just discussions I always have with my wife about the family, about my kids, is everybody happy on tour.

For the time being, it seems like absolutely no problem, which is wonderful. Then success to some extent also is key for staying out there really.'

The motivation is always there for the Swiss legend, who breaks records and records on every success he gets.

The biggest milestone would be to win 100 titles - he's still two short with 98 titles to his name.

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