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Benoit Paire fined £12,500 for smashing racquets at Washington Open

France's Benoit Paire has been fined $16,500 (£12,500) after smashing three racquets during an on-court tantrum.

Paire, 29, lost his temper after missing a shot as he trailed Cypriot Marcos Baghdatis 5-2 in the final set of his 6-3 3-6 6-2 first-round defeat at the Washington Open on Tuesday.

He was sanctioned for an audible obscenity, unsportsmanlike conduct and a lack of giving best effort.

"Yes, yes it's true I got upset yesterday," he wrote on Instagram.

"What I remember is that I'm on the right track and I'm progressing since the beginning of the year so for those who want to stay on it there's no problem but I have already moved on."

The ATP fine is more than double the appearance money he made at the tournament.

Benoit Paire later wrote a message to fans on Instagram


The world number 55 smashed his racquet on the ground several times after surrendering the chance to break Baghdatis, then hurled two more racquets across the court as his opponent attempted to calm him down.

He then walked to his chair and kicked it before smashing another racquet into the ground.

Paire next made no effort to return a Baghdatis serve then smashed another racquet before shaking hands.

He was booed off court by spectators - and blew kisses to the crowd as he headed to the dressing room.

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