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Eugenie Bouchard boards private plane after shock withdrawal from Swiss Open

EUGENIE BOUCHARD has just withdrawn from the Swiss Open due to injury. Possibly off on some rest and relaxation, she posted a photo of her boarding a private plane to her Instagram account.

Eugenie Bouchard, 24, is the stunning Canadian tennis player known just as much for her appearances on the court as her appearance off.

Along with being a tennis star, she had racked up millions of Instagram followers thanks to her raunchy bikini pictures and glowing selfies.

The 24-year-old has also recently been making moves on the tennis circuit, making a comeback at this year’s Wimbledon.

However, the blonde tennis babe was forced to withdraw from the semi-final of the Swiss Open this weekend due to injury.

Not letting her injury get her down, Eugenie took to her Instagram page to share a photo of her smiling while boarding a private plane.

Eugenie was in Gstaad for the Swiss Open, leaving the country today (Image: Instagram/GenieBouchard)


The post showed Eugenie, affectionately known as Genie by her fans, dressed casually in sports gear as she poses next to the private jet.

Captioning the image “making moves”, it appears Genie was leaving Switzerland, possibly returning to the US where she lives.

The Sports Illustrated model was wearing a tight, cropped white T-shirt and black loose jogging bottoms.

In her hands she carried a large Louis Vuitton holdall, retailing for as much as £1,270, and was clearly keen to show off her lavish lifestyle to her 1.7 million followers.

She wore her long blonde hair loose and wavy, letting it blow around on the windy runway.

On her feet she wore a simple, bright white pair of trainers with socks rolled up above her ankles.

Eugenie’s fans were quick to comment on the post, giving her support after her injury.

Following her withdrawal, Genie soaked up her last few days in Gstaad (Image: Instagram/GenieBouchard)


One wrote: “Rest up. Heal up. Recharge the batteries”, with another commenting: “Never stop!! Looking amazing!!”

Others were more critical of her performance at Wimbledon and the Swiss Open, saying: “Only moves you should be making are on the practice courts,”

Another said: “Make um on court as well plz…”

Keeping herself busy between recovering and tennis grand slams, Eugenie posted a very different snap to her Instagram page last week, one of her baking bread.

Instagram post showed the tennis babe baking bread over a large open fire pit


While in Gstaad for the Swiss Open, she posted a picture of herself dressed in a skimpy white spaghetti strap top and tight jeans.

She paired her casual look with an immaculate pair of blue Gucci loafers.

Eugenie was pictured holding bread dough on a stick over a fire pit.

She captioned the image: “Really roughing it out here, we gotta bake our own bread.”

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