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Rafael Nadal invests $8 million for building tennis centers

Rafael Nadal continues his long series of investments. The Spanish tennis player spent $8 million to build ten tennis centres named after him.

The first one will be built in Cancun, Mexico, on November 15 this year. The whole project development will end in 2022 and also includes Monterrey city.

The new tennis centre is part of the Rafa Nadal Academy upgrade, that is located in Manacor.

The 17-time Grand Slam winner is the main face of the project, but behind it, there is his father Sebastian Nadal who manages his son's net worth.

Cancun Centre will feature eight clay-courts, including three indoor, two paddle courts, a football court, gym, locker room and pro-shop.

Nadal earned $41.4 million from May 2017 to May 2018 according to Forbes.


'We are very happy that in Mexico there is this kind of world-class sports projects, with the world no.

1 and that they have chosen Mexico for its geographic status.

Nowadays we know that from Cancun you can reach the whole world,' said Rolf Schlettwein, general director of Proyectos Deportivos company that purchased the dam.

The first phase of the project started on May 15, with the first building being put in place, then the second one will start on August 1 featuring progress in the courts building, the third one starting in September will feature building of locker rooms and lighting equipment.

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