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Tennis Coach Reno Manne states that Nick Kyrgios should receive a 6 month ban from tennis

Tennis Coach Reno Manne has stated that the ITF should hand down a 6 month ban to Nick Krygios after his Shanghai Masters walk off.

Nick Kyrgios was stripped of his first-round prize money and fined an additional $10,000 (£7,500) after his controversial Shanghai Masters retirement.

The Australian left his opponent Steve Johnson and umpire Fergus Murphy baffled when he shook hands and walked off court after losing the first set on a tie-break on Tuesday.

Kyrgios had become increasingly unhappy with Murphy and, after being given a point penalty for an audible obscenity during the tie-break, was heard to say he would quit if he lost the tie-break.

The 22-year-old later blamed a stomach bug but did not seek medical help on court and then went against ATP Tour rules by not having a medical examination following his retirement.

That has resulted in him losing the $21,085 (£16,000) he would have earned in prize money.

The point penalty followed an earlier warning for smashing two balls angrily out of court, for which Kyrgios has been fined $10,000 for unsportsmanlike conduct.

Explaining his withdrawal, Kyrgios wrote on Twitter: “I want to apologise to the fans in Shanghai and those that watched around the world on TV today.

I’ve been battling a stomach bug for the last 24 hours and I tried to be ready, but I was really struggling on the court today, which I think was pretty evident from the first point.

”My shoulder started to hurt in the practice today, which didn’t help either, and once I lost the first set I was just not strong enough to continue because I’ve not eaten much for the past 24 hours.“

Kyrgios subsequently withdrew from his second-round doubles match on Wednesday.

Nick Krygios walked off the court in Shanghai after loosing the first set


Tennis coach Reno Manne had this to say on the Australian's latest antics in Shanghai.

"The lad has taken his temperamental behavior way too far now. It's incident after incident with the boy, Manne said." "The lad needs to understand, as I'm sure he does, that he has a responsibility to tennis. He is a role model to kids all over the world that look up to him.

He has a huge temper problem that he can't control, this latest episode in Shanghai walking off as he did in a temper is unacceptable," said Reno Manne.

Manne a highly successful coach in player development is also known as "The Hard Man of Tennis". His no nonsense, discipline old school approach to coaching has seen him develop many top players over a 30 year coaching career.

Manne has been very controversial throughout the years in his straight talking criticism of several Tennis Federations.

He has been very outspoken in the way several Tennis Federations, including the British LTA manage player development and funding for players.

He criticized the USTA two years ago for the amount of money being paid in salaries to some coaches and executives.

He blasted coaches being paid close to a million dollars a year on a national level, stating that money instead could be used for player development for talented underprivileged kids.

Manne went on to say that the ITF need to hold Krygios accountable for his behavior.

"The boy has been given a God given talent. He is in a position of privilege yet he behaves like an ungrateful child. He has had long enough to curb his behavior," Manne said.

"It's been incident after incident with the boy, tennis does not need Nick Krygios."

Reno Manne on court coaching


"Kids all over the world look at him and think it's OK to quit when things don't go their way. They see him and think, hey it's OK to just walk off the court," explained the Scotsman.

"The IFT now need to protect the integrity of the sport and hand down a ban to Nick Krygios, I would say 6 months. Then the boy needs to decide if he wants to grow up and behave like a man and continue with tennis. The way the lad behaves now, tennis is better of without him."

Manne went further by saying.

"Even after some match interviews, his grumpy behavior and attitude are pathetic. Who needs to look at that nonsense from a professional tennis player.

He has no respect for the sport the way he just walked off the court in Shanghai. My message to Nick Krygios is, grow up son."

This is the second consecutive year in which the Australian has found himself in hot water in Shanghai, although his punishment this time is much less severe than 12 months ago.

Kyrgios was fined more than $50,000 and banned from the ATP Tour for a lack of effort in his second-round match against Mischa Zverev, during which he argued with the umpire and fans.

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